8 thoughts on “Discovering Your Roots in Elgin”

  1. Heads up: sorry, many of the links referenced in your website are not working. I went to the newspaper link and another referenced in Discovering your roots in Elgin which are not linking.

    Thanks for your efforts …

  2. Hi my dad’s name is Arthur James hull. I am the daughter. Christine. I was born in st Thomas 1959. Do you have any info on my dad or his dad Herbert hull and Mrs Edith James. Also maybe a farm owned by Herbert hull in Tillsonburg ont. Thanks

  3. You used to have – online- indexes for Cemeteries in Elgin and for The St. Thomas and Dutton newspapers.

    How does one gain access to them now?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi my name is John Appleby I would like to get information for this family Betty Jean (Stone) Howald is buried in South Park Cemetery, Sec A, Plot 55, Grave 1
    She is cremated and on top of her brother Francis Charles Stone.
    1922 to 6-March-1982.

    When she passed she had a sister Shirley and Sandra still living another brother Samuel ( 1986)

    They are the children of Cecil and Irene Stone.
    You have a great day and thanks for your help.

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