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Finding Aid for the Elgin OGS Collection

(Family Histories are in Green)

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The Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has arranged its material by general subject groupings, as outlined in the Table of Contents for this Finding Aid.

Each book or publication has been placed in a cardboard magazine holder or red plastic holder [throughout the Finding Aid referred to as “box”].  Each “box” has been numbered and labeled with the title of each book.  Each book also bears a sticker with the number of the “box” in which it belongs.

Other material has been placed in binders, which have also been numbered.

This Finding Aid will help library patrons access the Elgin OGS collection by subject.  As well as describing the collection by subject and offering a brief explanation of the material, in some cases, a numerical listing will be found at the end of the Finding Aid to record how the collection appears on the shelves.

Please note that this Finding Aid lists only the material in the library collection.  For information on additional resources in Elgin County, consult the book “Discovering Your Roots in Elgin” which can be found on the Elgin OGS website:


The printed transcriptions of Elgin cemeteries have been removed from the collection because they have not been updated.

Researchers are advised to consult our website: where updated and revised  transcriptions have been posted.  Elgin OGS has also been adding information regarding burials without monuments on the website.

ST. THOMAS CEMETERIES: a printed index has been retained in the collection because it gives the Section location, making it easier to find the reference on our website.

The website also contains contact information for cemetery offices or custodians of any records that may exist.


Box 1:  Aylmer Express Indexes
1907-1909; 1910-1914; 1915-1919; 1920-1924
Box 2: Aylmer Express Indexes
1925-1929; 1930-1934; 1935-1939
Box 3: Aylmer Express Indexes
1940-1944; 1945-1949; 1950-1959; 1960-1964; 1965-1969
Box 4: Dutton Advance Indexes
1910-1914; 1915-1919; 1920-1924; 1925-1929; 1930-1934; 1935-1939; 1940-1944
Box 5:  Dutton Advance Indexes
1950-1954; 1955-1959; 1960-1964; 1965-1969
Rodney Mercury Index
Binder 6: St. Thomas Newspaper Indexes
– St. Thomas Liberal, 1832-1833
– St. Thomas Standard, 1844-1846
– Misc.  Papers: Journal, Chronicle, Canadian Freeman, Middlesex Standard,
St. Thomas Watchman, St. Thomas Weekly Dispatch, 1853-1863
Box 73: Index of Births, Deaths & Marriages from the St. Thomas Times-Journal & Aylmer Express: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.  Post 2005 indexes can be found on our website.
This collection is best described as “miscellaneous”, but dates approximately from the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s.  Newspapers included were mainly the St. Thomas Times-Journal, the Aylmer Express, and some London Free Press and Tillsonburg News.
Newspaper Clippings, continued:
The clipping project continued in the late 1990’s and up to the end of 2001, but the collection was placed in binders, as follows:
Binder 11: Clippings Index, 1983-1990
Binder 12: Births & Birthdays, 1990’s, 2002 and 2001
Binder 13: Marriages, Anniversaries & Engagements, 1990’s, 2000 and 2001 (A – K)
Binder 14: Marriages, Anniversaries & Engagements, 1990’s, 200 and 2001 (L – Z)
Binder 15: Obituaries, Miscellaneous 1990’s and 2000 (A – L)
Binder 16: Obituaries: Miscellaneous 1990’s & 2000 ( M – Z)
Binder 17: Obituaries: 2001
The clipping project was discontinued in 2002, and instead, an index is compiled annually from the St. Thomas Times-Journal and Aylmer Express (see Box 73)
AYLMER & AREA OBITUARIES: Binders 46 through 53 are photocopies of obituaries kept by various Funeral Homes in Aylmer between the years (approximately)1936 to 1966.
Binder 46: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66: A & B
Binder 47: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66: C & D
Binder 48: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66: E – K
Binder 49: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66: L & M
Binder 50: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-1966: N – Q
Newspaper Clippings, continued:
Binder 51: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66: R & S
Binder 52: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66: T – V
Binder 52: Aylmer & Area Obituaries, 1936-66, W – Z

Binder 53.1 Garton Scrapbook

MARRIAGE RECORDS (see also Church Records)

Box 7:  Elgin County Marriages:  1853-1857; 1858-1869; 1869-1873
Box 8: District Marriage Registers
London District (Vol. 1)
London District (Vol. 2)
Brock District
Gore District
Talbot District
Western District
Box 9:  Marriage Indexes 1869-1873 (for all of Ontario)
Volume 1-4 ; Volume 4-10; Volume 11-16; Volume 17-21; Volume 22-26
Volume 27-31
Roman Catholic Marriage Registers 1828-1870
Binder 10: Ontario Marriages 1869
Box 38: County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869
Box 39: County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869

Box 40: County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869


Binder 19: Aldborough Census
Binder 20: Aldborough Census
Binder 21: Bayham Census
Binder 22: Bayham Census
Binder 23: Bayham Census
Binder 24: Dunwich Census
Binder 25: Dunwich Census
Binder 26: Malahide Census
Binder 27: Malahide Census
Binder 28: Malahide Census
Binder 29: St. Thomas Census 1861-1871
Binder 30: St. Thomas Census, 1891
Binder 31: South Dorchester Census
Binder 32: South Dorchester & Springfield Census
Binder 33: Southwold Census
Binder 34: Southwold Census
Binder 35: Southwold & Port Stanley Census
Binder 36: Yarmouth Census
Binder 37: Yarmouth Census
Box 76: My Corner of Malahide
(Genealogies of Families Living on Concessions 1 through 4)
Volume 1: Concession 1
Volume 2: Concession 2

(Volumes 3 and 4 are not yet completed)


Box 77: Township Land Papers:  Aldborough; Bayham; Dorchester; Dunwich; Malahide; Southwold; Yarmouth

Binder 77 Southwold Township Settlers (transcripts of Township Land Papers)


Box 78:
House of Industry Records (Vol. 1)
House of Industry Records (Vol. 2)
Wills & Probates
Index to Sims History of Elgin
General Register (Vol. 1)
General Register (Vol. 2)
General Register (Vol. 3)
Binder 80: Southwold Assessment Records, 1839, 1841, 1848, 1852, 1873
Yarmouth Assessment Records, 1856
Crown Patents of Aldborough & Dunwich

Elgin County Reference (General), continued:


Box 108:  Elgin County
Memories of St. Thomas & Elgin (2 volumes)
A Polite Parallelism of St. Thomas
Union Tweedsmuir History
Daniel Rapelje’s Receipt Book
Aldborough Township Patents
Belmont Old Boy’s Reunion 1971
Pioneer Days in Aldborough
Tribute to Vienna
S. Dorchester Voters’ List 1885
Twilight Trains of St. Thomas
Port Bruce circa 1930
History of Port Burwell
Brick Yards in Aldborough
Town Book of Bayham, 1826-1848
Historical Sketches of Port Stanley
Mahlon Burwell
Elgin Co. Board of Trade
Selbourne History
Immigrants to Aldborough, Dunwich & Southwold
Armstrong’s 1872 Directory
Surrogate Court Index, 1859-1900
Postal History of West Elgin
Eden Baptist Church & Bayham Township Centennial
Box 111: Elgin County
Elgin Manor
St. Thomas Is Proud Of
Scott-Sefton Negatives
Canadian Industry in 1871
Dear Old Shedden
Southwold Remembers
St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital
Five Stakes (Talbotville)
        “Heaps of Love, Mum – Stories of Second World War Years in Dutton from letters of Elona Bambridge”
Binder 112: “Collections”
– Pay List of 37th Regiment, 1819
– Families Whose Homes were looted, 1814
– St. Thomas Troop of Cavalry, 1866-1870
– 1819 Talbot Militia
Aldborough Assessment 1820
– Old English Cemetery, 1940
– Southwold Township
– U.S.S. # 24 Southwold & Yarmouth
– List of Wardens of Elgin County
– Agreement between Joshua Wardell & Joseph Hendershot
– Talbot Literary Society
[note: Binder 112 appears to be missing from the collection]
Box 113: Elgin County
West Lorne Tweedsmuir History
Eliza Lowry Murder
Old Port Bruce (2 copies)
Old Timers (Port Bruce)
Mitchell & Graham Planing Mill
Canada Southern Railway
St. Thomas, the Railway City
Canada Southern Railway Company
1856 Yarmouth Assessment
Botanical Association, 1899
R. W. Johnson Columns
Aylmer Fire Department
Aylmer Iron Works
Mahlon Burwell
E. E. C. Kilmer, Botanist
Talbot Settlement Bicentennial

Stories of South Dorchester


Box 72: Places of Worship Records Inventory ( project listing each church in Elgin & what records are available for research)
St. Thomas
South Dorchester & Springfield
Box 81: Church Records & History
Caleb Burdick Register
Church in the Valley
Church in the Valley (1949)
St. Thomas Church (1824- )
Disciples of Christ Debate 1875
Old St. Thomas Church
New Sarum Baptist Marriages
Box 82: Church History [see also Binders 85 & 86]
Plains Baptist (2 copies)
United Church
St. Hilda’s Anglican
St. John’s Presbyterian, Port Stanley
Box 83: Church History & Records
Belmont United Church
D. W. Rowland Marriages
Families of Holy Angels
                        Grace United Church 1972 photo directory
                        St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Port Stanley
                        125th anniversary of St. John’s Anglican Church, St. Thomas
                        Pioneer Churches of Bayham
                        Dedication & Opening of St. Mark’s United Church, St. Thomas
                        Old St. Thomas Church (Anglican) Restoration Service 1992
                        Old St. Thomas Church (Anglican) – A Cemetery Tour
                        The Story of Old St. Thomas Church (Anglican) (viewable online)
                        Central’s Century With Christ, 1874 – 1974 (Central United Church, St. Thomas)
                        St. Luke’s 50th Anniversary (Anglican, St. Thomas), 1916-1966
Box 84: Church History
Churches of North Yarmouth
Why are there so many Denominations
First United Church, St. Thomas
London Diocese CWL Reports
Rev. Andrews Marriages, 1840-1848 (Yarmouth)
New Sarum Baptist history
Knox Presbyterian, St. Thomas
Lakeview Baptist
Talbotville United Church
Rodney United Church
Plains Baptist Burials
Plains Baptist 1990-1991
Wallacetown United Church
Frome United Church 150th
Frome United Church
Binder 85: Church Histories of Elgin County
Binder 86: Church Histories of Elgin County
Box 74: Funeral Home Records
P. R. Williams, 1911-1920
P. R. Williams, 1921-1927
P. R. Williams, 1928-1935
Towers, 1909-1940
McNeill, 1931-1947
George Allen, 1920-1949
Previtt (add dates)
Binder 75: Funeral Home Records
– Evenden Funeral Home
– Modeinger Funeral Home
– Ostrander Funeral Home

– P. R. Williams Funeral Home, 1893-1910


Box 109: School Histories
Southwold School Sections
Payne’s Mills
The Collegian
S.S. #24 Southwold & S.S. #25 Yarmouth
S.S. #7 Southwold
Port Burwell
S.S. # 3 Southwold
Wellington Street School
Alma College
Alma College Index
S. S. # 8 Frome
Binder 110: Barnum’s Gully School History
Binder 110a: S.S. #7 Sparta and Sparta Continuation School

Binder 110b:      S.T.C.I. (St. Thomas Collegiate Institute) Reunion, Aug. 4-6, 1989



Binder 60: United Empire Loyalists
Binder 61: United Empire Loyalists
Binder 62: United Empire Loyalists
Box 94: The Loyalists of Ontario
The Old U.E.L. List
Loyalists of the American Revolution
Box 95: Revolutionary Census of New Jersey
Loyalists in North Carolina
Loyalists of the American Revolution
Box 96: Loyalists of Massachusetts
Loyalist Lists 1775-1783
Loyalist List – Niagara
New Loyalist Index
Rolls of Provincial Corps
Loyalist Lists
As She Began
Butler’s Rangers
Loyalists of New Jersey
Loyalists of Eastern Townships of Quebec
U.E.L. Association Transactions, 1901-1902
U.E.L. Association Transactions, 1914-1916
Pension & War Service Records
Suffolk Co. New Jersey Census 1776
Box 100: North & South Carolina Marriage Records (2 volumes; published 1981 & 1987)
Early Settlers of Maryland
New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800
German Military Settlers in Canada
Ontarian Families
Long Point Settlers
Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms 1842-1877
Haldimand Newspapers
Norfolk Marriage Records, 1795-1870
Books You Need to do Genealogy
Box 101: War of 1812 / 1837 Rebellion
Land Claims Certificates, 1812-1814
British Aliens in U.S., 1812
Veterans of 1812
Rebellion Losses in Upper Canada

Rebels Arrested in Upper Canada, 1837-38


Box 123: Passenger & Immigration
Scottish Emigrants, Vol. 2, 3 & 4

Passengers to Canada, 1817-1849


Box 114: Genealogical Reference
Indian Affairs Records (1st Edition)
Indian Affairs Records (2nd Edition)
First Nations Genealogy
Genealogy In Ontario – Searching the Records
Ontario Place Names
Canadian Gazetteer, 1846
Canadian Railway Records, Volume 1
Canadian Railway Records, Volume 2
Box 114a: Using Forms for Canadian Genealogical Research
Index to Overseas Deaths of Ontario Servicmen & Women, 1939-1947
(Two volumes)
Index to OGS Families
Upper Canada Naturalization Records, 1828-1850
Box 120: Genealogical Reference
Roots & Remembrance: Explorations in Jewish Genealogy
Lambton County Resources
History of Lambton County
Inventory of Ontario Cemeteries
Methodist Baptisms outside Ontario
Ontario Soda Water Manufacturers
Ontario Photographers, 1851-1900
Ontario Photographers, 1901-1925
Municipal Records in Ontario
Binder 122: Miscellaneous Newspapers
– Brockville, Kent County, Halton County, Niagara area, Strathroy, York
Genealogical Reference (General), continued:
Box 131: The Ontario Register
Volume 1 (Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4)
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4 (Numbers 1, 2 & 3)
Volume 5
Box 132: The Ontario Register
Volume 6

Volume 7


Box 116: Christian Messenger (Baptist Church Newspaper)
Volumes 1 to 20
The Canadian Baptist
Church Newspapers & Church Records Outside Elgin, continued:
 Box 117: Methodist Newspapers
Christian Guardian, 1836-1850
Christian Guardian, 1851-1860
Christian Guardian, 1861-1870
Box 118: Methodist Newspapers
Christian Advocate, 1858-1872
Christian Advocate, 1873-1884
Christian Guardian, 1873-1880
Box 119: Methodist Newspapers
Methodist Newspapers, 1830-1857
More Methodist Newspapers, 1858-1872

More Methodist Newspapers, 1873-1884



The collection has been arranged more or less alphabetically by surname of the principal family listed on the history.

Family histories that were bound, either hardcover or softcover, with a title on the spine; or histories in binders, were NOT put in “boxes”, so these may be slightly out of alphabetical order with the ones IN boxes.

Below is an alphabetical list of the family histories  as of October 2006.  For a cross reference of other surnames which might appear in the title, the researcher is advised to consult the current copy of “Discovering Your Roots in Elgin”, which can be consulted on the Elgin OGS website.

There are 25 boxes labeled “FH 1″ through “FH 25″.  The corresponding box number will appear following the name of the family history.  If there is no box number given, it means that particular family history is either hardcover, softbound, or in a binder.


Addy [FH 1]
Aitken [FH 1]
Ancestry from A to Z – Amos, Zoll, & Related Families
Annett – Genealogy & Brief History of the Descendents of the late Robert Annett [FH 1]
Annett, Robert [FH 1]
Auckland [FH 1]
Austin / Goff [FH 1]
Avery [FH 2]
Baker, William [FH 2]
The Family of Levi Baldwin [FH 2]
Beaman [FH 2]
The Beaupre Descendents [FH 2]
Lineage Chart of Betty Marie Bellows
Black / Brown (8 volumes) [FH 3]
Blakey Family [FH 2]
Bobier  (Note: several other families included)
Browne Records [FH 4]
Butler – Ellis – McKoy Family [FH 4]
William Henry Butterwick, [FH 4]
Corporal Hugh Campbell Family History, 1760-1835 [FH 4]
John & Jane Campbell and Descendents, [FH 4]
Campbell, Neil [FH 5]
Robert’s Bairns (Don Carroll) 1984 (2 copies) & update volume 2002
Carroll [FH 5]
Carson, Taylor families [FH 5]
Casey Family Tree
Caswell Family [FH 5]
Chalmers, John [FH 5]
Chapman Family [FH 5]
Myth & Reality – The Chisholm Family in Elgin County, 1819-1835 [FH 6]
The Clayton Family, Descendants of Lyman Clayton & Sarah Palmer [FH 6]
Mabinogi an Clem (Fred Hedley Barker Climo & Percy Lloyd Climo)
Clunas [FH 6]
Cole, Thomas [FH 6]
Calling all Condons [FH 6]
Condon of Invermay [FH 6]
Copeland [FH 6]
 Descendents of Jesse & Polly (Chase) Corless ( and volume with update)
The Corneille History and Family Tree , 1932 [FH 6]
Cornish Genealogy [FH 6]
Craig and Allied Families [FH 6]
Crawford Family
Dale, Jacob [FH 7]
Dixon, Woodhouse Twsp., Norfolk Co. [FH 6]
Family Genealogy of Robert Down
Eagles Families of N. America [FH 7]
Edie, Charles
Edison, John [FH 7]
Edmunds & Baird Families [FH 7]
Ellis Family [FH 7]
Index to Ellis Genealogy [FH 7]
Ewanick Family Tree [FH 8]
The Fairbrother Family [FH 8]
The Name and Family of Fairchild [FH 8]
Duncan Ferguson of Yarmouth, His Times & Descendents
Duncan & Ivor Ferguson [FH 8]
Ferns [FH 8]
The Firby Connection
A History of the Canadian Fulkersons [FH 8]
Galloway Family History [FH 8]
Henry William Gilbert [FH 8]
A Gilbert Family Genealogy
Gloin, McTaggart Family Bible records [FH 9]
Gloyn [FH 9]
The Gordons of Goulbourn, The Lowrys of Huntely & Fitzroy [FH 9]
The Old Gow Farm, 1832 [FH 9]
The Dunwich Grahams [FH 9]
Thomas Hamilton, Town of York Pioneer, Some Ancestors & Descendents [FH 9]
The Hamiltons of the First Permanent Settlement in Maine
Hankinson [FH 9]
Tales of the Hares
Ely Harris & Lucretia Ransom
William Hatch [FH 9]
Descendents of William Henry Darius Hathaway [FH 10] (2 different versions)
Heidt Family Tree [FH 10]
Hodgins – Kindred Forever
Holt/Pratt letters [FH 10]
The Horton Family History [FH 10]
The How/Howe Book, 1808-1988 [FH 11]
Thomas & Elizabeth How
How [FH 11]
The Hunter Families [FH 11]
The Hunter Family [FH 11]
The Johnstons of Malahide [FH 11]
Kellestine/ Gough [FH 11]
Kennedy Family [FH 12]
Kilbourne Quest [FH 12]
George Kilmer [FH 12]
Kinsman – Keiller [FH 12]
Kulp [FH 12]
The Lackor Family
Legg [FH 12]
Leverton Family [FH 12]
The Lucas Connection [FH 12]
Lyle – Edmonston [FH 12]
Lynn – Lamont [FH 12]
Mabie [FH 13]
MacFarlane [FH 13]
MacPherson [FH 13]
It Started in England (Marshall) [FH 13]
The William Ellis Malpass, Alice Ann Round Family [FH 13]
Mandeville (3 binders)
Mason [FH 13]
Sources in McCall Genealogy [FH 13]
McCall & Related Families
McCallum [FH 14]
Origin of the McCanns [FH 14]
Genealogy of Henry McCuaig & Janet (Jessie) Calder [FH 14]
Descendents of Samuel McCurdy [FH 14]
McCormick Family [FH 14]
Middlesex Roots: The Ancestors of Clara McCandless & Morley Thomas [FH 14]
Middlesex Roots: (McCandless – Thomas) [FH 14]
Sources in McColl Genealogy, Book 1
Sources in McColl Genealogy, Book 2
Origin of the Surname McGuinness [FH 15]
McIntyre, Samuel
McLarty (Neil McLarty, Nancy Patterson)
McLean – MacLean:  Argyll to Aldborough & Ekfrid
McLean, Duncan [FH 15]
The McQuiggans [FH 15]
The McQuiggan History, 1939 [FH 15]
Meadows [FH 15]
Descendents of Robert Millman 1808-1878 [FH 15]
The Descendents of Robert & Maria Millman [FH 15]
History Of the Misener Family
A History of the Monteiths
Moore, Andrew 1672-1897
Moore, John (1781-1998) [FH 15]
Descendents of Malcom Munro & Mary McNeill [FH 15]
Neef (Part 1 and 2) [FH 16]
Nethercott [FH 16]
A Nevills Genealogy [FH 16]
Newell Family History (Senator Henry Newell, 1931) [FH 16]
Newell – Whitcroft Family [FH 16]
Nolles [FH 16]
Origin of the O’Dohertys [FH 17]
Origin of the O’Kellys [FH 17]
Origin of the O’Neills [FH 17]
Origin of the O’Reillys [FH 17]
Origin of the O’Rourkes [FH 17]
Ostrander [FH 17]
Mayflower to Malahide (Ancestors of Mary Barlow Park) [FH 17]
John & Nancy Parker [FH 17]
Patersons of North Yarmouth [FH 17]
Patten, William Henry (Journal) [FH 17]
Thomas Pearce Farm History [FH 18]
Penhale Genealogy [FH 18]
Plowman [FH 18]
And in the New World – The Pole Family
The Porters [FH 18]
Prong [FH 18]
Daniel Rapelje Receipt Book [FH 18]
Reynolds / Lidster
The Life and Times of Jabel Robinson
Rock [FH 18]
Russell [FH 19]
Andrew Russell – Hannah Bateman Family [FH 19]
My Yarmouth Reflections – Isaac Ryckman [FH 19]
Seely Family [FH 19]
Shaws of Shedden
Sherk [FH 19]
Silcox Saga [FH 19]
History of Silverthorn Family
Silverthorn (Volume 4, Nos. 1 to 17; 19) [FH 21]
A Goodly Heritage ( Simpson) [FH 19]
Sivyer family [FH 19]
Slack – Cullen [FH 19]
Slaght Family History [FH 20]
Cornelius Barentse Slecht [FH 20]
Small, Edmond [FH 20]
Descendents of Samuel John Smith & Sarah Curtis Smith
Soper [FH 20]
Lawrence Spore of Bayham Township [FH 20]
Lawrence Spore of Bayham Township [BINDER]
The Family of Zenas Squire Spore [FH 20]
Stearns & Killmasters [FH 20]
Steel, William
Stewart, William [FH 22]
The Stock Family
Stokes, Charles William (Diary) [FH 20]
Sweetacres (McKenney & Sweet families) [FH 22]
Swift Family Chart [FH 22]
Two Gaelic Soldiers (Bruce Taylor)
Ancestors of Maudie Loverne Taylor [FH 22]
Thomas [FH 22]
Trebarfoote – A Cornish Family (Thomas Barfett) [FH 22]
The Tufford Tree [FH 22]
Van der Duim [FH 23]
Vanbuskirk Line of Descent [FH 23]
Vanpatter family [FH 23]
Vanpatter [FH 23]
Ward- Munder-Varnum-Martin [FH 23]
The Webster History [FH 23]
Welch (2 binders)
Welter [FH 24]
Whitcroft [FH 24]
White [FH 24]
Whitesell [FH 24]
Widner [FH 24]
Descendents in Canada and US of Benjamin & Sarah Willson
Pioneer History of the Willson Family [FH 25]
Willer Soundex
Williams, Richard [FH 25]
Wilson History [FH 25]
Wilson History [FH 25] (Note: different from above)
The Winans Family – Descendents of John Winans, Holland [FH 25]
The Woodward Family Album
Some of the Wyatts [FH 25]
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