Newspaper Lookups from Elgin Libraries

Our extensive free online Ancestor Indexes  of Elgin County newspapers makes it easy for distant researchers to quickly obtain images of clippings of marriage notices, obituaries and news items of Elgin ancestors.

Here is an example.

From our Index to the Aylmer Express Newspaper 1930-1933

June 21, 1934 Page 9 c2 Died – Aleck CONNOR, Aylmer, age 79, husband of Estella McKENNEY

June 28, 1934 Page 1 c6 Died – Aleck CONNOR, funeral

Noting our Lookup Policy ($10 for the first image and $5 for the second image for a total of $15 in this example) an email to our Research Coordinator and using our new easy convenient E-Store payment system we can then have our Elgin OGS Lookup Volunteers search the microfilm at the appropriate local library and soon provide you with images of the clippings like these!

Aylmer Express 21 June 1934 p.1 Death of Aleck ConnorAylmer Express Thur June 28 1934 p1 c6 Aleck Connor obit

Check out our Ancestors Indexes site and let us find a story about one of your Elgin ancestors!

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  1. Are there any property purchase records in the period 1846 to 1848 in the Port Stanley, Sparta, or St. Thomas area? I have been unable online to find any records for that area in that time period. Could you give me any guidance in where to look, either online, through the LDS genealogical records, or through your own database? I have been to the Elgin OCS in St. Thomas two years ago, but I was looking for other records, not property records. I live in Tucson, AZ, USA — far away! Thanks so much for any help you can give me

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